This site is a space for sharing stories and images, that stem from the physical and mental travels of the writer, Miila. I am an explorer in life, environmentalist and musician, and share on this site some experiences, encounters and inspiration that I come across, while traveling or while more stationary, especially inspired by nature and the complexities or simplicity of human-nature connection.

I write about things that feel relevant or that like to come into words due to interactions over the days. Most often my writings revolve around the themes of ecology, spirituality and peculiar functioning of human mind. Around the themes of change, love, learning and wondering.. It is a way of sharing, hopefully you enjoy or find something interesting here.

We and things tend to change, one way or another through interaction, discussion, sensations and happenings. This site is also to welcome you to learn and un-learn together, inspire and be inspired, open and curious.

Or.. to feel & think whatever you might, as we all create our realities as we go 🙂

Please feel free to comment here, or contact me: miila.kauppinen@gmail.com


One thought on “About

  1. “When exploring one gets lost at times and maybe then finds oneself again someplace recognizable” … I love it, Thanks for Blogging! ~ JD.

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