On the old continent again

Over a week ago we arrived in Cape Town with Lisa. I actually came on another plane, but still, it felt wonderful to have this chance – to know there would be at least a week to enjoy some time together, get to know a little bit of the places and sights of this beautiful city.

It did take me quite some days to realize I was really here.. after all the pondering and wondering and not knowing what to do. Now it feels quite nice – though I am still unaware of what exactly I’ll be doing, I feel very happy, and content about these moments.. I can give some time to myself, and to whatever is happening.. there really is no need to rush.

Lisa stayed with her South African family, and I too some nights but mostly in hostels. We met every day, for hiking and beach, mainly. Both of which there are wonderful places to choose from and enjoy the outdoors! And quite many South Africans do. What I really have enjoyed is the fact that, if not quite in the center, in the suburbs it is very easy, if one wants, to find a spot where there are not really other people around. On the beach, or on the hills, mountains.. just in the fringes of Cape Town. That leaves me with a huge feeling of wonder and peace, relaxation.. as in Finland, there is a lot of space here, altogether.

I’ve heard a range of languages and accents – there are about eleven languages generally spoken.. and I’ve experienced some very South African things, such as braai-barbecue, cycling on the left hand side of the street with cars around that don’t really care you are there, watched Christian tv shows on the Intercape bus.. the first days in a country always are full of wonder and also one needs patience, when things are new and you just don’t know really how things are. Coming after central Africa, this sort of “feeling of Africa” is not quite there, in Western Cape province at least, which only makes sense, but is still an intriguing thing. As are the lives of the people.. farmers, students, businessmen. School children and those who struggle day by day for their bread, or are in need of jobs.. in South Africa the unemployment rate is one of the highest in the world.

Yet, I’m also searching for a job. Hopefully it could be something that I actually really could contribute to, and not just take a job that should be someone else’s.. Voluntary, paid.. something. It has been really nice to start to know what is there, in the fields of conservation and equine business especially. Little by little, emails, phone calls and tips from friends perhaps will yield some results.. it might take time though.

It makes it a little bit hard at times to fully relax and enjoy when in the back of the mind always are thoughts of finding a job, something that could allow me to stay more than my tourist visa permits.. something that would be interesting, and useful, and whatever I might be looking for even not knowing what it is. All in all it is wonderful to be in touch with people from various fields, finding out about opportunities, being inspired.. and allow something that feels right to take me, allow myself to try. Yet I will need to remind myself of just enjoying, feeling and learning, as always.

For now it seems I will go do some volunteering on a farm, and perhaps on the way look for jobs.. for afterwards.

Anyway. How lovely it’s been to see that Lisa seems happy to start this journey with a PhD..! And how glad I am to be around or a bit closer at least, to this dear friend in these times. Love and inspire each other, support and have fun together.. as always, those things with friends are rather the meaningful ones. While at the same time, any encounter with anyone may be somehow fruitful, precious..

I have again met people that I only had heard of, and now could put a face and feeling to a name. They have been so friendly, welcoming and helpful. It has in part made the first days here a bit easier and thoroughly lovely.

Now this world is only unraveling little by little.. and that is ok so. Currently we are in George, where Lisa has started introductory sessions at the university. I’ve stayed with a lovely couch surfer on his family farm, and am feeling so thankful and happy for these few days again. From here, I think wheels and manpower will take me forwards.. first to Vleesbaai to visit one conservancy, then further to the east, along the Garden Route – to see what lies ahead.

warm greetings!


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