Aimless (or -full?) wandering

So passed two extra weeks in Cochabamba, and a few days to that.

I didn’t find a job after all. But I did try! And it was a good experience. To just try it, even if only for a bit. Not even being sure I actually wanted to work, right there and then..

I haven’t really been able to decide or know what I want, and so each day has been its own, new day, that could bring anything – and so I’ve been ready for anything each day. That’s not a bad feeling at all, is how it could be all our moments..

We spent some lovely times with the family of Pamela, her sisters, mother and grandfather. They took me like part of their family, with love and patience, while I was searching just a little bit and wondering what to do. And I feel they are part of my family now as well.

My friends’ mother helped me with going to places to ask for jobs, since she knows half of Cochabamba and has good insights into these things. I went myself to cafés, museums and such to see if anyone needed a helping hand and could pay some for that. I worked one day in a café! Having made coffee and served cola to customers for the first time in my life, I feel one a little experience richer.

Since I hadn’t planned to stay put all that long, and the pay was rather low after all, this career didn’t have the chance to take off..

I also met a couple of times with wonderful people from an interesting organization Gaia Pacha. This also was such a blessing, to have the chance to see how well those eager volunteers and like-minded people get along and work together, and make progress on something a few of them started from scratch.. I visited one day in an organic farm where we helped a member to start renovate his old house. How I enjoyed being in the country side, seeing all the richness of what was growing, listen to the birds and get my hands dirty doing tasks that help someone a little bit to get their own place sorted out. Just that, and nothing more..

Wondering what to do next, carry sand, mix cement or crack old walls..

Those weeks we also had many lovely meals, I tried foods and fruits I never knew existed. We went out with the neighbor boys and Ariana’s friends.. I strolled around the city, chatted with the Argentinian street musicians and just took in what was there in this particular place on earth.

We have had this thought with a friend to possibly end up in South Africa together, early this year. I didn’t know how much more I’d wish to travel in South America.. but suddenly the wish to go to South Africa to continue my aimless exploration, guided by my heart, felt stronger than the urge to travel more as such. Maybe it was because we had such a blast spending time all together in Bolivia, but I didn’t feel like traveling alone anymore, at least not right there and then. Also my money situation didn’t seem as promising as I could have hoped. So I decided over just two days to, instead of heading to Colombia and Panama (I still wish to one day visit the friends in these places), take my return flight back to London and head off to Cape Town.

It was a little bit sad to say bye to such dear people, as it always is, and yet you’re always so happy to have met those amazing people. We’ve been talking about this so much with many friends, saying goodbyes and “going away” from your dear ones.. the best ever is to say something along the lines, “See you later”. And that’s it.. you really truly never know how things go, and even when you say goodnight to someone in your own house, you don’t actually know when’s the next time you’re going to see them. But it is somewhat complicated to human mind.. I have a lot yet to come to terms with, when it comes to being apart from the core family, and other dear people. But, these teachings come and go, again and again, when needed in life..

I traveled by bus to La Paz, waited at the airport, flew to Lima. I met a random French guy with whom we spent the whole day together, meeting up also with one fellow couch surfer.. we saw the beach, played guitar in the park, and had the chance to see big festivities organized for the 479th birthday of Lima city. And burned our skins! Again..


Next morning very early I flew through Mexico City AND New York to London Heathrow.. So much flying..!! Only there did I finally decide to actually buy the flight for Cape Town, instead of first trying to find a little job in Europe. Making decisions is quite good for me. Because it is really hard for me to make them sometimes, or my mind seems to falter, never setting to anything – until the point that I actually decide, in which moment the whole world seems just a little clearer, friendlier and as if I’m a bit more aligned with all the rest.

Of the happiness of this, and to stretch my legs, I walked from the airport to the city, in the brisk, sunny weather. I spent the night at a friendly couch surfer’s, having healthy dinner and discussing the problems of humanity. Next day, the familiar bus ride to Amsterdam, and there I was again, on the doorstep of Christian and Pamela, much sooner than I had thought again when we departed two weeks ago, but never too soon. I love these two as my sister and brother and am ever so glad to get the chance to spend some time with them.

So, next.. We agreed on a date with Lisa, Friday in the Long Street of Cape Town. Plans for the coming times are rather young still, and I think I’m going to need some determination, patience and openness to make and allow things to happen. But those at least I have learned to an extent to cultivate in my days, and can continue learning.. I have faith there will be something fruitful and intriguing to come. As ever..


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