Limasta Lapaziin..

I just had to. The name of Lima means slime in Finnish; and lapasiin is translated “into the mittens”.. just something that often comes to mind when I think of these two places.

I’m going in the direction of La Paz in Bolivia, although Cochabamba is the final destination. From Lima though, I first go to Cusco, to spend a couple of days before continuing.

Arriving in Lima was not the first time coming like that to a new big city by myself, but for some reason it made me much more nervous beforehand than many previous arrivals. Though being vigilant and keeping eyes open always is necessary, I shouldn’t have been worried.. There was someone to meet me at the airport and so we returned together into the city and I found a hostel quite close to the historic center of Peru.

This new friend accompanied me the next day as well; that was great, I am happy and enormously grateful for his company. I got to see, feel and listen a little bit of Lima’s city center, which by no means is nothing but a tiny part of the city, but clearly a popular place to go out and meet people. I got some idea of Lima’s history during an interactive tour at the Metropolitan museum; we did people watching around the central Parque de la Exposición; we went to see centuries old Plaza de las Armas and to an evening market to drink beer and eat Peruvian sweets. Lots of chaos it seems – I got to try the combi bus that really costs nothing but is seemingly so haphazard as to where they leave from and where they go to.. One needs to stay a little while to know those things I guess. I can´t help comparing to big cities of Cameroon, and it did feel a little more laid-back in Lima; the streets were reasonably clean, there was at least some sort of order to the traffic.. and I just felt a little more like I could have been part of the scene almost, at least were it not for the huge backbag. But well, that´s just the city, and again, local companion was very welcome.

It is so very clear that Lima is a big city; very vast though, so probably as would make sense quite a big part of the 10 million inhabitants live more in the outskirts. Those areas I saw only from the bus window when leaving this morning from Lima. I took a bus that goes directly to Cusco, by Tespa company; there are many bus companies in Peru, prices and services of which vary greatly. The bus we’re in now, is unlike any I’ve seen before.. I’ve never had food served in the bus before, the chairs can be inclined to fully sleeping positions, temperature is controlled.. we watched the Hobbit in Spanish, while taking in sights from along the way – from the Pacific and the enormous hilly deserts near the coast line, to more and more hills and mountains towards the inland – getting lusher though; the misty green hills near Cusco are incredibly beautiful.

So it was a very quick tour around Lima, and a rather quick first step of the bus trip across the country in the direction of Bolivia. Enjoyable though, altogether, and surely it doesn’t lessen the feelings and thoughts that arise if only a little time is spent in a place. Sometimes they’re the only thing we’ve got, from seeing a place, or meeting a person.. and so still are valuable moments.

many greetings with love to everybody.

Evening in Lima´s Plaza de las Armas  Another big square in the center


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